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The larger goal of the center is to be an example of regenerative living and to create leaders that will create positive change in the world.


Earth Connection brings together the aspects of Education, Research and Action.


Education focused on biology, ecological restoration, regenerative agriculture.

Research focused on biodiversity, restoration ecology and eco-agronomy.

Action focused on ecological restoration, increasing biodiversity and carbon recapture.


The 39-ha former ranch has a beautiful cenote and Mayan ruins. the property is being restored to a tropical dry forest. The biological research center has permaculture, food forest,  local biodiversity botanical gardens, and eco-technique demonstrations.


We are at the stage where we are ready to scale up our project and work with local communities to restore more area. 

Research projects, community outreach and education courses will begin in the new year.


We are looking for 4 students for November 2023!

Restoration Ecology

Biodiversity monitoring


Community outreach

Ecosystem Restoration COmmunity

Intern or take a course at Earth Connection as we learn about restoring ecosystems and healing the planet.

Check out the over 50 Ecosystem Restoration communities worldwide

Let's do this great work of our time!


1 million trees! Support the Restoration of Tropical Ecosystems, students inspired to do the work, research programs and biodiversity protection.

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