We invite you to be a part of our project!


These are the ways that you can contribute to the project:


donating = loving


Bringing you action items and demonstrations of regenerative living takes hundreds of hours each month. If you find any joy and inspiration here, please consider joining the loyal patrons who have made this labour of love possible and becoming a Sustaining Patron with an automatic monthly donation of your choosing, between a cup of tea and a good lunch:



$3 / month

$5 / month

$7 / month

$10 / month

$ 25 / month




You can also become a Spontaneous Supporter with a one-time donation in any amount:



OTHER OPTIONS that support our work include:



Student Scholarship fund

Carbon Credits

Sharing our posts and getting the word out about what we are doing helps!

Direct Donations through Paypal using our Donate button do not have the additional fee that Patreon and Gofundme Charge!

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David Morris and Elaine McGregor-Morris   

Corey Adkins

Christopher Luginbuhl                           

Cage Aaron 

Chelsea Green  


Anonymous Donations                                 


Your name here!

Your generous support will help fund projects like:

Key infrastructure and programs.
- Fixing the windmill - Done June 2016
- Restoring the house for volunteers -          Done Aug/16
- Ladder into the cenote - Done Sept/16
- Showers and water system -
  Done Sept/16
- Permaculture Gardens - Oct/16
- Composting toilet - One done Nov/16
- Shadehouse for nursery -
  Done November/16
- Wash area - Done Dec/16
- Grey water system - Done Mar/17
- Campground - Done Mar/17
- Biochar Production and course -
  Done June/17
- Tropical Jungle Restoration Camp-
  8Ha done July/17
- Tinyhome for volunteers - Done Aug/17
- Food Forest - 3 Ha done Sept/17
- Steps to the cenote Done Sept/17
- Sacred Fire area - Done Oct/18
- Ecotours begun - Done Nov/18
- Drinking pools for wildlife -
   1. Sept/17, 2. Apr/19
- 2 Mexican Students 4 month Internships    Done Aug/17
- 1 acre of food forest with irrigation
  Done Oct/18
- Student Biodiversity study of Ants -          Done Dec/18
- Kitchen and eating area for students and   workshops - Done Jan/19
- Internet - Done Jan/19
- Upgrade Washroom - Done Feb/19
- Solar power - 1000W Done Mar/19, more    needed
- More housing for students - Done Mar/19
- Workshop area - In Progress Apr/19
- 2 acres of food forest with irrigation -      Done July/19
- YouTube Videos - In production!
- Botanical garden - In progress May/19
- *Laboratory - Needed
- *Incorporate the non-profit - Needed
- Solar water heater - Needed
- Temescal - Needed
- *Fundraising - Needed
- *Social Media promotion - Needed
- Community training and outreach - Needed
All projects have been self-funded thus far.
We receive many requests from local students wishing to learn with us. With limited resources we can only host a few at a time and would like to be able to offer many more that opportunity.

Wish List!

If you would like to help, these items are needed to leap our project forward!

Laboratory - Top priority as this will help us find financial viability.


Kitchen/Eating/Social/Workshop area

- 2 Folding tables, 12 Folding chairs

- Solar Water Heater


Volunteer Casita


Camping Area

- tents

- Binoculars


Other projects:

Biodigestor for kitchen scraps to convert to methane for kitchen


Distilled water from air

Food drier

Metal forge



Donations of Money or Items are very appreciated and help us greatly! Thank you for your Generosity!

Small or large donations go a long way in Mexico $US = 18 pesos, $Can = 15 pesos!