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Visit our Biological reserve

Experience our private Eco-reserve and cenote! We have a beautiful open Cenote with clear blue water! 40 hectares of tropical forest with many archeological Mayan ruins to explore. One of the most biologically rich cenotes in the Yucatan! See the diversity of creatures we have photographed here on iNaturalist!

Cabins or Dorm beds in the biological reserve may be booked. Good wifi at the house!

Prices include a tour of the property and trails.

Ecotourism          Peso/day

Day visit/tour                                              350         Includes snacks

Overnight stay                                             650         Includes breakfast

Camping                                                     250         Per person

Visita de un día para locales                          100

Visita de un día para estudiantes locales         50

Extras                                        Pesos

Breakfast                                                    100

Lunch                                                         295

Dinner                                                        150

Cenote                                                       300

Mask                                                           50

Trip to Molas                                               200

Trip to Merida                                              500


Discounts for week and month stays. We also offer collaboration and partnership, where mutually beneficial rates may be reduced or waived.

Amenities include a cooking area, bread oven, rocket stove, sacred firepit, composting toilet, shower, washing area, trails, permaculture gardens, food forest, wifi and wildlife reserve! We have a cell booster at the casa and have good reception there.

Mother Earth's Kitchen offers traditional organic vegetarian meals. We harvest much from our organic gardens!

***Make sure you call ahead so we unlock the gate!***

Contact Us to arrange an Ecotour!


Secure payments may be made using the Donate Button.