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There is a lot to offer in the jungle, the experiences are vast and Mother Nature is our greatest teacher. Come live and work at Earth Connection Center to explore your ingenuous self, use your skills and gain ones you never knew you had!

This is an intense learning environment and we are offering a unique experience that will change how you live and work in this precious world. We work with the landscape and with the rhythm of the planet.

Earth Connection is a beautiful places to work, take your break in the beautiful blue Cenote and watch the days float by…


Please know that we work hard here!

The rainy season starts in June so we need 4 people helping to do ecological restoration in the jungle, establishing food forest, helping with the permaculture gardens and the botanical gardens we are starting.

We are also looking for students to do research at the Center!

       -Here is an example from 2 recent Environmental Engineering students from Mexico:

       -Here are the areas of research that we are focusing on:










We are offering a comprehensive course that can cover:


Solar and wind energy

Compost Toilet

Rainwater collection, storage and water management


Carbon sequestration

Soil building, composting and biochar

Natural fertilizers and pest control

Plant propagating techniques for food and ecological restoration

Ecological restoration

Eco-construction and building materials

Food forests

Herbal, medicinal plants and wild foods


Learn some local Mexican recipes!

Cacao to chocolate!

Leadership Training

Creativity days

Innovation days

Rope knots and survival skills




















We work with our students and adapt our training to suit your abilities and interests. What we call teaching you into your wisdom. This will involve stretching your comfort zones and safely having you lean in.




Play it forward $600 usd per month - supports interns that are on a limited budget

$450 usd per month full cost

$300 usd per month discounted price 

We prefer longer stays 1-4 months to fully work with people.

We also offer shorter stays with a minimum of 2 weeks

if space is available ($150/115/80 usd per week) Contact Us.

Tuition payments MUST be paid PRIOR to arrival and may be done

through Paypal with the donation button on the website.

Interning at Earth Connection Includes:

Tiny home, family style vegetarian meals, education!

Interns at Earth Connection enjoy the gift of living close to the land, working with a skilled and lifelong learning team. We are open to your creativity as well as having you work with us in our ever-evolving vision as we further cultivate Earth Connection into a world-class education center, eco-reserve, botanical garden, food forest, eco-village, permaculture farm and eco-lodge.

You will enjoy seeing the fruits of your labour, the serene and sometimes intense ecosystem, cenote Tsunul, jungle living, close to the elements and connecting with your internal rhythm. You can swim, snorkel, hike in the jungle or into the local Mayan village.



Please apply ONLY if you meet the following criteria:


~ you are clean, organized, intelligent, creative, fun, multi-skilled, a problem solver, adaptive, not afraid to get down and dirty, drama free, independent, loving, open minded, communicative, professional and able to work on a team. Come with an open heart and an open mind!


The weather is ever changing and can range from hot sunny days to very rainy and humid. Bugs also vary from mild or none at all. If this does not sound like it would be good for your body, you may want to consider another location.


General Duties Include:

~ Ecological Restoration work on our 40 Ha property

~ Eco-projects!

-Help to monitoring wildlife

~ helping to maintain and built the infrastructure: building cleanliness & organization, general handywork, trails and cenote

~ kitchen participation: shared cooking duties, kitchen cleanliness & organization, slow food and field to the plate cuisine, harvesting and propagating food

~ hospitality: helping with groups, guests and workshops

~ gardens: help in the nursery, gardens and food forest seeding, weeding, transplanting... around the gardens and collecting food.



At Earth Connection we are dedicated to the principles of Slow Food, field to the plate, creative cuisine that is nutritious, filled with love and as sustainably raised, grown and collected as possible.

Our food is primarily vegetarian. We explore raw, vegan and various ethnic cuisines as well as our own style of Mexican cooking…

Expect to participate with at least 2 meals per day, planning, preparing, cooking and cleaning. This duty will be shared with other people and occasionally you will be putting more hours in to support larger groups and workshops. We love to have our international volunteers cook meals from their country to share!

Interns enjoy the family style atmosphere here, sharing tasks, meals and recipes!

Grounds & Housekeeping:

At Earth Connection we are dedicated to the providing a living experience that is close to the land, connecting our inner rhythms with that of Mother Nature. Our infrastructure is being built from native hardwoods, bamboo, soil and limestone and other found and cultivated materials. Living in the jungle is never static and we are daily trying to improve the infrastructure through cleaning, constructing, deconstructing, repurposing and reconfiguring our living and work space.

Thanks so much and we look forward to hearing from you!!! 


PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN TOWEL, Gloves, clothing, footwear for the jungle and many thorns.

(top, bottom and pillow case, recommended dark colours)

You are welcome to donate them at the end of your stay if you do not wish to continue to travel with them. What we do not use or offer to other interns will go to local charities.


DO NOT bring any bug spray, sunscreen, soap, shampoo, or conditioner that is not biodegradable!!!

If you smoke tobacco, bring only rolling tobacco, please avoid bringing cigarettes with filters!!


Be warned that the tropical jungle is not the kindest environment for material possessions. We recommend not bringing anything you are really attached to (clothes, jewelry, books, etc.) as things might get wet / moldy / stained / really smelly (even things such as books).

Leather will especially be damaged.

Contact us if you have any questions about what to bring and know that Merida, which we go for supplies weekly, is a colonial but modern city with malls, Walmart, Costco... and you can find most anything you need there.

Q: Can I visit you? Visitor Info?

See our Ecotours that support the center financially and you learn something also!

Visitors are welcome and we charge 150 pesos for the visit and swim in our private cenote!

Overnight stays are welcome and we charge 220 pesos for a campsite (95 pesos for each additional person)

For food we charge 150 pesos per person per meal.

We may have tents to rent 

Please contact us beforehand as we need to unlock the gate to let you in.


Donations of Money or Items are very appreciated and help us greatly! Thank you for your Generosity!


Q: How do I get to Earth Connection?


People are welcome to find their way to the center. You can catch the local bus to Molas one block south of the Mercado de San Benito/Market in Merida. Look for Earth Connection Center on Googlemap or use the link below:


GPS Coordinates 20.960613 -89.621648 or 20°57′38.21″N 89°37′17.93″W


In Molas the motortaxis will take you to the center. Ask to be taken to Tsunul / cenote in local Mayan or show them the googlemap.

You will need to confirm when you will arrive as we need to unlock the gate.


Please confirm you travel plans quickly as we can only host a few interns at a time and there are many international interns and local students  applying that we have to turn away.


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